Tuesday, December 10, 2019


DimeloUSA.com was created in response to the tremendous displacement experienced by the citizens of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. The natural disaster was responsible for the greatest migration from the island to the mainland in the last 50 years.

Our goal was to be a “Common Sense Solution” …a HUB for critical information…for the people migrating to the state of Florida. As a portal completely in Spanish and very easy to navigate, we have started to offer guidance in five essential needs: Identification, Transportation, Housing, Healthcare and Jobs. Since our launch in December 29, 2017 (the day the “Welcome Centers” closed across the state of Florida) many other websites and organizations have launch with the purpose of providing similar assistance but they have not been able to keep up with the constant development of needs.”

Nuestro Equipo

We are entrepreneurs, the realist and the dreamer.

Yasmin’s background is early childhood education, compliance and accounting. Julio’s background is sales jobs, performer and dancer, financial services, politics and a couple of successful business exits along his journey so far as an entrepreneur, the last one in 2015 where Yasmin was a co-founder.

Business Development Team

Julio Rocha MBA

Chief Connector Office


  • Cecilia Figueroa, Journalist – Florida
  • Gheidy De La Cruz, Journalist – Florida
  • Fernando Negron